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The Meadows Sports Program

We are dedicated to developing Equestrian riding as a SPORT and turning out educated, well-rounded, riders. Our Sports Program with certified instructors and talented, well-trained horses can help you meet your riding goals and have fun along the way.

We offer lessons for riders ages 6+ and levels, from beginner …to advanced show riders.  Showing is a great way to build a foundation.

We also support the High-Performance Athlete Program run through a number of Ontario Middle and High Schools which is designed to offer greater support and increased flexibility for students who are regularly involved in an individual or team sport at an High Performance level outside of school.

For riders wanting to pursue the sport in Canada and experience International circuit riding in Venice or Wellington Florida and Ohio we have an High Performance Athlete Program housed in our A Circuit Facility.

Long-Term Equestrian Development (LTED) underpins our rider development structure. LTED is not only about building successful high performance athletes, but also about ensuring the highest quality riding experience for every person who engages in equestrian sport, including riders with disabilities.

Riding is a Sport and Equines are our partners. We believe in education in support or riding as a sport, this includes access to rider level education, nutrition planning, exercise in support of the sport and select health care professionals as well as development of sound horsemanship skills.


Individually Tailored Plans

We understand what it takes to show and offer individually tailored approach to competition and showing. We carefully craft a training plan for each horse and rider to help them reach their individual goals. Great care is taken to ensure our horses and riders go to the shows prepared for each class according to their individual needs and personalities.

Team Support

We live and work where we play. We have great moms, dads, grandparents and friends that support our community of riders. We know it takes a village to support this sport. So, we encourage everyone to strive to be their best within a family-oriented environment.

We promote good sportsmanship…  that is when teammates, opponents, coaches, and officials treat each other with respect and support. We value the rights, feelings, and property of others and strive to maintain an environment that is fun and healthy for everyone.

Building great horsemanship knowledge among all of our riders and staff creates a foundation of care that is central to our philosophy. Our horse partnerships are built on patiently developed knowledge and kindness.

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Offsite Shows

Some riders find they love showing and move on to making the bigger commitment of showing on local and provincial circuits. For the 2018-2019 season, The Academy Show Team will participate in the Central East Trillium Hunter Jumper shows. 

How to Begin Showing

Start with the end in mind. We encourage you to start discussing your riding goals with our coaches in the fall before the season begins so that we can develop a supportive coaching and show plan.

We pride ourselves on maintaining a friendly and professional atmosphere. Our staff is available to help you with any question you may have. We also have many successful show clients and they are always keen to share their experience with those clients looking to advance.

A Completely Turnkey Experience

We Take Care of All the Arrangements for You

Showing is made turnkey for you as our client. The coaching and stable staff at The Meadows will support you through every aspect of showing. We assist in the choice of shows and classes; organize transportation; complete registration and stabling requests; recommend apparel; and have a coach onsite during all shows.

Part Boarding and Leasing

The Meadows has horses available for lease and/or part-board that riders can compete with for the 2018-2019 season or you are welcome to join our team with your own horse. Please see our Sales & Leasing Page for more information

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