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Your Show Plan

Tailored to your goals and schedule. We start with the end in mind…. Whether you are competing for fun or have serious competitive goals in the Hunter or Jumper ring we develop a budget, plan and strategy together.

You may be in a multi- year High Performance Athlete Development Program with us with goals to compete in Venice or Wellington Florida and Ohio or have a plan to bring along a young horse that is new to showing or simply wish to be competitive at a specific level. Your coach will advise the priority shows you should attend and which ones are optional with the understanding that a schedule needs to fit your needs.

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Supportive, team-based approach

We live and work where we play. We have great moms, dads, grandparents and friends that support our community of riders. We know it takes a village to support this sport. So, we encourage everyone to strive to be their best within a family-oriented environment.

We promote good sportsmanship…  that is when teammates, opponents, coaches, and officials treat each other with respect and support. We value the rights, feelings, and property of others and strive to maintain an environment that is fun and healthy for everyone.

Building great horsemanship knowledge among all of our riders and staff creates a foundation of care that is central to our philosophy. Our horse partnerships are built on patiently developed knowledge and kindness.


Find your perfect equine match

We have created many successful equine-rider partnerships and can assist in finding a suitable lease (or purchase a horse) for the season for you.

If you’ve ever considered your horse to be your “better half,” you’re not alone. Researchers have found that riders and horses can enter into a unique state of interspecies “co-being” where each partner evolves to “fit” better with each other, both physically and mentally. “As riders get to know their horses, they attune to them—they learn both mental and somatic (physical) ways of acting versus their partner” *

Our presence and connections in Wellington and Europe as well as domestic relationships allow us to access a wide range of horses to ensure that we find your perfect match.

Anita Maurstad, PhD, professor and researcher in the Department of Cultural Sciences in the Tromso University Museum at the University of Tromso in Norway.


A completely turnkey experience

We take care of all the arrangements and support you through every aspect of showing: 

  • Our ownership team will develop a plan with you at the beginning of the year including goals & budgets
  • Your coach will assist in the choice of shows and classes.
  • Our staff will organize transportation of horses & equipment and ensure they are settled at the show
  • Grooms will take care of your horse and be by your side with your coach right up to the show ring.
  • We can deliver your horse to ringside ready to compete while you focus on learning/walking ocurses.
  • We will complete your registration and stabling requests.
  • We will offer horse and rider apparel & equipment recommendations when needed. 


Where we show

We compete on the Provincial A Circuit in Ontario and in Ohio and Florida with hundreds of competitions and numerous of wins to our credit.

We have horses and riders competing in a wide variety of divisions from lead line to the upper level jumpers.  Our showing clients are of all ages..

Our High Performance Athlete Program offers students the opportunity to participate in select competitions in South Carolina as part of our offsite training early in the competition year as well as a 2-week program in Venice and Wellington in the spring to familiarize riders with International level competitions. 


Our High Performance Athlete Program

Our High Performance Athlete Program is for students who have completed up to level 5 learn-to-ride, who exemplify top sportsmanship, and a talent and desire for riding as a Sport Rider.  We provide the opportunity to participate in select competitions in Ohio and Florida as part of our offsite training early in the competition year as well as a 2-week program in Wellington in the spring to familiarize riders with International level competitions. 

We also support the High-Performance Athlete Program run through a number of Ontario Middle and High Schools which is designed to offer greater support and increased flexibility for students who are regularly involved in an individual or team sport at an High Performance level outside of school.

Our Pro-Am Program

Our Pro-Am* program is designed for Riders in our High Performance Athlete Program who have demonstrated a commitment to the sport and the Meadows Team. The program offers the opportunity to partner one of our coaches in the development and showing of one of our investment horses. 

Ideally suited to High Performance riders who may be away at university and returning for the showing season, the program allows riders to access up and coming jumpers or hunters in our sale program and ride them in program with our Coaches in A Circuit competitions in Ontario Florida and Ohio.

This Meadows custom designed partnership program between our Coaches and Riders that offers both an exceptional & competitive riding experience and an opportunity to be part of an co-investment group.