Meadows' Show Facility Services 

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional care for your horse and helping you to achieve your riding goals. Join us and enjoy a fun family atmosphere that focuses on success while welcoming both competition and pleasure riders alike.



Our experienced coaches are highly skilled and dedicated to bringing both horse and rider up through all levels of the sport. Whatever level you ride at, beginner or advanced, competition or not, we have the talent and ability to help you achieve your goals. Being experienced competitors themselves, our coaches can train riders and horses at any level. Their knowledge and talents are an integral part of the instructional experience.


The Meadows is very competitive on both the Provincial and National circuits in Ontario with hundreds of competitions and hundreds of wins to our credit. We understand what it takes to show and offer individually tailored approach to competition and showing. 


At The Meadows, we promise to provide you and your horse with the highest level of care and service. Our team is very knowledgeable and professional. The coaches, along with our stable manager and staff, work together to ensure that the individual needs of each horse and rider are attended to.