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Excellent coaching

Our certified coaches have the training and experience to develop riders of all ages and levels to their full potential. They create fun and interactive programs that result in a great riding experience.

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in a top-quality facility

Our facility is both functional and beautiful to ride in. We have an exceptional selection of well-trained horses and ponies - a match for every rider!

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that's safe & fun!

We pride ourselves on maintaining a friendly and professional atmosphere where people support each other and have fun.


Intermediate & Advanced Coaching

Lessons and coaching for the more advanced rider are available either on your own horse (we have a few limited spaces for Boarding in our new facility) or on one of our well-schooled horses.

Students with more experience are welcome to join the lesson program and in addition, are welcome to explore other riding opportunities offered through our leasing program or progress through to the Meadows A Circuit Facility or The Meadows Trillium Show Team.

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Beginner Lessons

Our goal is to help riders develop self-confidence and independence through horsemanship.

Lessons for children and beginners can be structured in a Private or Group setting (depending upon skill level).

If you are a new rider or under the age of 12, you can expect that one of our staff will be available to assist you in tacking and un-tacking your horse. We will walk you through how to handle a horse on the ground so that you develop a safe and confident approach to groundwork.

All students over the age of six (6) are welcome regardless of riding ability.

Lessons for ALL riding levels

Beginner - Little to no formal instruction. Cannot post trot independently. 

Advanced Beginner - Walk, trot, 2 point, small amounts of canter, trot poles.

Novice - Walk, trot, individual or small group canter, small jumps up to 18”, basic school figures

Intermediate - Walk, trot, canter, sitting trot without stirrups, courses up to 2’

Advanced - Canter without stirrups, basic dressage tests, courses up to 2’6”

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"A good rider can hear his horse speak to him.
A great rider can hear his horse whisper"

Build a solid foundation

At The Meadows, we are dedicated to providing each student with quality instruction as a solid foundation for their advancement. We believe in focusing on the development of very strong ground skills as a precursor to jumping. Strong flatwork leads to great success over fences. While we are a Hunter/Jumper facility, we have a number of clients that are solely focused on flatwork. It is not a must to jump if you ride at the Meadows.

Riders who develop good horsemanship will have the right tools to succeed on any given day. Students are encouraged to continually build their knowledge and skills. 


"Enjoy the journey because the destination is uncertain. Nothing is more rewarding than a life with horses" - Ian Millar

Achieve your goals

Our coaches are dedicated to helping our riders develop, excel and reach their desired goals whether it is in the Hunter, Jumper, or Equitation divisions.

In addition to our lesson programs, we offer a variety of events and opportunities for our clients. Students are encouraged to continually build their knowledge and skills. 

  • Summer camps

  • Gymkhana horse games

  • In-house clinics (including other disciplines like polo!)

  • In-house schooling shows

  • Offsite horse shows (4-6 a year)

  • Equine Canada Rider Level Program

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"Horses leave hoof prints on your heart."

Well-trained & experienced horses to suit your needs

At The Meadows, we believe every ride should be a safe and enjoyable experience. This starts with the right match between rider and mount.

Our reliable school horses help provide a safe environment to learn the fundamentals, while our accomplished horses have the show experience for riders looking to advance their riding careers.

The Meadows is a wonderful place to be...

A supportive environment!

"The staff are highly educated, caring, and passionate. A facility that is jaw-droppingly beautiful. If you are looking for riding lessons either for yourself or your child, The Meadows Riding Academy is the perfect choice. A great, supportive environment!

— K. H.

Great horses, great people, great coaches!

“The coaches and staff are kind and caring, providing a top notch facility and environment for riders and their horses.
 As a long time equestrian mom this is the best facility we've ever been part of."

— C. M.

This is the team you want be a part of!

We are new to Toronto and have been looking for a barn for over six months now and I can't explain our relief once we finally found the Meadows. The beautiful facilities got our attention, but the staff and coaches really sealed the deal.

If you're new to either the area or the horse world, this is the team that you want to show you the way."

— C. A. J.

A wonderful place to learn and grow.

“Amazing staff, amazing coaches, amazing owner and stellar horse care! A great atmosphere with great people who are wonderful to talk to!"

— R. G.