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Indoor Arena

Our new 180’ x 80’ insulated arena has large, bright windows that open for natural light and air circulation during the day to make riding comfortable. Best of all, it's insulated and warm in the winter, cool in the summer. The arena has 40 new T5 custom light fixtures that turn on right away - no waiting for lights to warm up and absolutely no spooky shadow corners!

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Outdoor Ring

Located at the back of the property away from high traffic areas and surrounded by paddocks and trees, our new outdoor sand ring is an excellent and large space to ride. The large 140’ x 240’ ring has underground drainage, automatic irrigation systems, numerous types of jumps and customized footing for shock absorbent and dust-free riding.

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State-of-the-art Footing

Having great footing under you is important to the health of your horse and for your safety. The Meadows is pleased to have installed in the arena European-style, shock-absorbent, non-slip TravelRight footing that is dust-free and provides a clean environment for the rider and a shock absorbent base for horses.


Newly-built Barn

Our dust-free barn is designed with extra ceiling height, wide aisles, superior T8 lighting and windows throughout the barn to provide lots of natural light.

All stalls and water buckets are sanitized daily to ensure a healthy, infection free facility.  

Our barn is built with two extra-wide hallways ensuring that you are never crowded out. The barn and arena are built side-by-side with double hallway access so that once you are tacked up, it is a short indoor walk to the arena.


Custom-designed Details

Custom designed large stalls and wide aisles help ensure riders and horses have enough space for easy maneuverability.

We have paid attention to all the small but important details including a custom designed water system, hide-a-way aisle storage, large wash stalls and an organized tack room with floor-to-ceiling lockers.

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Viewing Lounge

We know what it is like to be a supporting parent or sibling to a rider. Cold winters or humid summers can be really unpleasant. We designed a heated and air-conditioned viewing room with couches, TV, Wi-Fi, kitchenette and washroom for your comfort and convenience. Come join us inside and enjoy watching our riders!


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Safety First

We have taken every precaution to ensure that the total environment in and around our facility is as safe as possible for all visitors.  We insist on safety training for all staff and that all visitors and riders know and abide by the stable safety rules


The Meadows' property has security cameras covering all public areas of the facility to ensure safety. We have a fire rated protection system, alarms and 24/7 staff surveillance to ensure the safety of all the horses and the security of all riders and their equipment.


Our staff is enrolled in training and teaching courses on an ongoing basis to ensure that the very latest in coaching and safety procedures are top of mind to ensure your safety while riding.


Safety is everyone’s concern.

We encourage you to communicate with us if you observe activities that appear unsafe. You have our commitment to be proactive on safety and as such, comments are always welcome.

Policies & procedures 

Each new student will receive a Meadows' Welcome Package containing information on the school's policies and procedures. If you have any questions or require clarification please contact us.