Helping You to Achieve Your Goals

We have the talent to help you achieve your goals. Our experienced coaches are dedicated to bringing both horse and rider up through all levels of the sport from Provincial A Circuit to Grand Prix levels. 

Being highly experienced competitors themselves, our coaches can train riders and horses at any level. Their knowledge and talent are an integral part of our instructional experience.

Individually Tailored Plans

We understand what it takes to show and offer an individually tailored approach to competition and showing. We use the principals underlying Long Term Equestrian Development (LTED) and work with parents and riders to carefully craft a training plan for each horse and rider to help them reach their individual goals. This includes access to rider level education, nutrition planning, exercise in support of the sport and select health care professionals. Great care is taken to ensure our horses and riders go to the shows prepared for each class according to their individual needs and personalities.


Team Support

At the Meadows, we have created a supportive, team-based approach to competing. Support for showing comes not only from your coach but facility staff, professional partners and other teammates within the stables. Volunteering continued rider education and mentoring are all contributions we value in our riders. We encourage everyone to strive to be his or her best within a family-oriented environment.