Welcoming community 

We live and work where we play. We have great moms, dads, grandparents and friends that support our community of riders. We know it takes a village to support this sport. So, we encourage everyone to strive to be their best within a family-oriented environment.

Great horsemanship knowledge among all of our staff and riders creates a foundation of care that is central to our philosophy. Our horse partnerships are built on patiently developed knowledge and kindness.

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Exceptional. Professional. Experienced.

We promise to provide you and your horse with the highest level of care and service. Our highly-trained and attentive staff monitor every aspect of care throughout the day. 

Our team works together to ensure that the individual needs of each horse and rider are attended to. We offer owners peace of mind that their equine partners are being cared for in a safe and professional environment.

Boarding to suit your needs

All of our horse boarders receive individualized care, spacious clean stalls, blanket management, custom feeding & turnout programs, basic injury & medical care assessments.

We coordinate and manage the health & wellness program for your horse. We can provide recommendations for veterinary and farrier care, or you may choose the services you wish to use.  

We combine our comprehensive boarding packages with training and lesson coaching programs tailored to suit your goals.


Feeding Program

Our horses are on an individual custom feed program fitted to their specific needs. We educate ourselves on a regular basis to ensure our horses are getting the best nutritional value out of their feed program.

Our guaranteed hay supply is of the best quality and is always stored inside to maintain a top-quality feeding program. Horses have free choice hay while outdoors. All outdoor hay is managed by feeders that are horse safe.


Turnout Program

We provide daily turnout customized to every horse’s individual needs. We offer individual and group, grass paddocks, sand paddocks, and hand walking in the indoor area when the weather does not permit for outdoor.

Horses have free choice hay while outdoors. All outdoor hay is managed by feeders that are horse safe. Gateways and pathways are maintained for safety and easy use.



Our property has 15 large grass paddocks for daily individual and group turnout. We have fresh, year-round water supply to every paddock through a new Nelsen automatic hydrant system.

Management employs a paddock rotation system to ensure optimal grazing opportunities for all areas. Paddocks are seeded with pasture mix to allow for a consistent supply of green grass throughout the season.


Safety & Security

Our policies and facility are designed to ensure the safety of all the horses and the security of all riders and their equipment.

  • Security cameras covering all public areas of the facility
  • Fire rated protection system, alarms and 24/7 staff surveillance
  • New three-board fencing and safe gateways. The entire property is completely secure and there is no access for horses to the main driveway and roads.